Aug. 13, 2012

Kermit the Frog

Hello there!!!
2 days ago I was in a little bar for drinking a cold beer after work and I saw a little frog at the bar sad, and near to cry. I go to see what I could do to help him! And guess what!!! it's was Kermit, the movie star!!! We talk a lot about why he was sad (Because of Piggy) I try to advised him, like a bro do for his bro! 2 hours after he decide to go to talk to Peggy and to thanks me he give me this picture. And he told me that the picture was the first time he was on scene, before that Jim Henson made him a star! Then for the first time I release this picture to the world!!!

Here a video showing all the process I did to build the picture of Kermit :

Any questions? It will be a pleasure to answer !!! :D

I used 3dsmax for the modeling, maya for the shader, light, render, fur, and photoshop for the compositing.