Jun. 17, 2009

african head 2/2

Here the final image.
hope you like it :)
C and C are welcome.
thank you guanny, for your help.
see you

Jun. 12, 2009

old works 03

i've worked this model with the help of one animador,
for have a clean mesh for animation.
thanks to barack and oscar for their advices.
hope you like it ^^
see you

Jun. 11, 2009

african head 1/2

here one current personnal work.
I finish the model, the textures and the render setting.
I need to do the hair and the compositing.
I would like to thank armel, guanny, fredo, barack y javi for their help.
C and C are welcome.
see you

old works 02

here others old works (2009).
I did it at work in lunch time.
training, training and more training :)
hope you like it.
see you!!!

old works 01

here one old personal project.
i've made it in 2008, for personnal training.


I've created this blog in order to show my work.
if you want more informations,
I can send you mi cv and a complet book.

hope you like it,
and C & C are welcome.