Mar. 21, 2015

Etsy Store Open!!!

I just open my Etsy shop :)
There is not a lots of items but it will grow!

Next print will be about POKEMON!!!

Jan. 30, 2015

I just Start doing some commission work!
Here a sample and you can visit my Tumblr for more informations :)

See you,

Zbrush 4R7 beta test!


I had the honor to beta test zbrush 4R7.
It was a great experience, and the Pixologic staff is amazing,
always listening and concern about the vision of the artist.

Here some of the work I did during the beta test.

For more pictures visit my Zbrush central thread :

See you!

May 19, 2014

Some sketches!!!

Hello there,
Here some sketches I did during lunch time at work :):):)
Inspired by

See you,
Lucas :)

Jul. 28, 2013

Crashed Scene - Character updates.

Here an update about the guy in the Cryo.

A screen shot in Max without Diffuse on the character :
And A screenshot in the scene in UDK :

Next step will be the Mask and tubes going out of his body.

Jul. 23, 2013

Lunch time Draws.

Hello there!!!
Some draw I do at lunch time to relax!!!
The 2 last are creepy, LOL. I am actually reading "Knights of Sidonia"
and I love it, the draws are inspired of this manga.


Jul. 21, 2013

Crashed Scene - Updates

Hello there,

Here some updates.

This is the ship that I will put on the background.
It's based on the UNSC Spirit of Fire ship from Halo :

The green is the grass, the Blue is some dirt tint (brownish), the black is a kind of smooth rock and the red its a broken rock. I didn't use a unique Rock texture but prefer Tileable and Vertex paint, then with 4 differents rock mesh I could duplicate them and they look different.

And the new version of the cryo chamber.
Screenshot from UDK.

Here the Character I will put in the Cryostasis.
This is the Highpoly from Zbrush. I wanted to buy a scan, then I prefer to use
an old character I did, and adapt it. I still have to do the tubes and mask :)


Jul. 7, 2013

TShirts - Warframe Fan Art

Hello there!
I just bought a Screen silk printer for shirt and I decide to make a shirt about the game i'm working on.
It's a longer process that I was expecting :S but it was fun !!!