Nov. 26, 2012

Buddha's tree! FINAL

Happy to show you my last project!
A tree in the middle of a lake in Thailand. A place where monks could meditate, alone. It's a spiritual place who was forgotten and not yet discovered. I make this scene to improve my skills creating an organic environment. I took the opportunity to practice making tileable textures starting with sculpting them in zbrush.

Here all the pictures :

And here the video :

Nov. 15, 2012

Some draws

Hey hey!
Some draws that I do at lunch time :)

Now working at DIGITAL EXTREMES!

Hello there!
It's been 2 month that I start at Digital Extremes and I'm enjoying it a lot :D !!! I hope I will have the opportunity to make one's contribution on making epic games and learn a lot from the experience and the team!


Aug. 13, 2012

Kermit the Frog

Hello there!!!
2 days ago I was in a little bar for drinking a cold beer after work and I saw a little frog at the bar sad, and near to cry. I go to see what I could do to help him! And guess what!!! it's was Kermit, the movie star!!! We talk a lot about why he was sad (Because of Piggy) I try to advised him, like a bro do for his bro! 2 hours after he decide to go to talk to Peggy and to thanks me he give me this picture. And he told me that the picture was the first time he was on scene, before that Jim Henson made him a star! Then for the first time I release this picture to the world!!!

Here a video showing all the process I did to build the picture of Kermit :

Any questions? It will be a pleasure to answer !!! :D

I used 3dsmax for the modeling, maya for the shader, light, render, fur, and photoshop for the compositing.


Jul. 9, 2012

Quick Scene Personnal Challenge!!! A piece of jungle - Highpoly assets

Some sculptures from Zbrush for the mini scene :)


Jun. 19, 2012

Quick Scene Personnal Challenge!!! A piece of jungle - MESH

Hello there!!!
Here the scene's mesh! I took more time that expected, because I'm trying to save the world from Diablo, and that took me a lots of time XDXDXD!!! My texture plan is to use a maximum of tileable textures :)
I added a buddha body (greybox)!


Jun. 13, 2012

Quick Scene Personnal Challenge!!! A piece of jungle - Concept

Here a quick personal challenge! Just the simple idea sketch, a quick mood board, and the simple model of the Buddha's head.
I will try to do like 100% hand painting textures, but will still have a realistic look. On UDK, absolutely!!!

May 28, 2012

The love can scare!!!

Hey there!!!
An other draw from lunch time ;)

May 24, 2012

Some 3D characters.

Hello there!!!
It been a long time that I didn't do any characters,
then I decide to make 3-4 to keep training.
It's low poly character for portable consoles or ipad,...
Don't hesitate to leave a comment!!!

May 18, 2012

Sci-Fi Hallway : on the 3D Total news page :)

It was a great surprise to see the Science-Fiction scene I did on the 3D Total news page :)
Many thanks to 3D Total team :):):)

May 10, 2012

Trapper's cabin project - First steps!

Hello there!
For my next project I would like to made a trapper's cabin in the middle of a Canadian forest.

The trapper will be installed since a long time in this cabin, the big enterprises still didn't get this far on the land to make him move! He love to be alone, his dogs, the land, wood sculpture, cold beer,... it will take place in autumn, cloudy day with some spot of blue sky!

It still a beginning but I started with that :)
And here some concept I draw.

May 3, 2012

Sci-Fi Hallway : Final

Hello there!
Here the last project I did on UDK.
All the pictures and video there :


My new web site!!!

Here my new web site :
My frien Stephann Sananikone did a good job on it :)
Here the link of his studio :

Apr. 2, 2012

Sci-Fi Hallway Project - Blood

Here a draw that I did to plan how many decals I need for the blood,
I think that I have to much, I will probably do less. :)

Mar. 16, 2012

Sci-Fi Hallway Project - New asset

Hello there!!!
I change the asset who was down, where the human get killed by the monster. I preferred having a bigger asset in this place to capture the attention of the player. Here the concepts and the model in High poly.
Cheers :)

Mar. 13, 2012

Draw from 2011 (3)

Sci-Fi Hallway Project - Exterior Wip

Hello there!
Just an update! Some concept for the decals that I will use on the ship's exterior :)

and a paint over for the exterior ship :)

And an update of the stickers!!! I feel better now I have less sticker on my wall XD

Mar. 8, 2012

Draw from 2011 (2)

Here some new draws that I did a long time ago :)

Feb. 26, 2012

Sci-Fi Hallway Project - Improvement

Hey there!
With the advise of a good friend, Elaine McSherry, I slightly change the base concept, doing a paint over.
I wanted to add a story to my environment. Not just building a basic hallway, but building a place where something happened.

I made some new concepts for the new assets that I want to create.

And I organize myself putting PostIt on my wall then I can see what I still have to do before finishing the scene.

Draws from 2011 (1)

Hello there!!!
I just find some old sketch books (2011) and I will try to add more soon :)