Jul. 28, 2013

Crashed Scene - Character updates.

Here an update about the guy in the Cryo.

A screen shot in Max without Diffuse on the character :
And A screenshot in the scene in UDK :

Next step will be the Mask and tubes going out of his body.

Jul. 23, 2013

Lunch time Draws.

Hello there!!!
Some draw I do at lunch time to relax!!!
The 2 last are creepy, LOL. I am actually reading "Knights of Sidonia"
and I love it, the draws are inspired of this manga.


Jul. 21, 2013

Crashed Scene - Updates

Hello there,

Here some updates.

This is the ship that I will put on the background.
It's based on the UNSC Spirit of Fire ship from Halo :

The green is the grass, the Blue is some dirt tint (brownish), the black is a kind of smooth rock and the red its a broken rock. I didn't use a unique Rock texture but prefer Tileable and Vertex paint, then with 4 differents rock mesh I could duplicate them and they look different.

And the new version of the cryo chamber.
Screenshot from UDK.

Here the Character I will put in the Cryostasis.
This is the Highpoly from Zbrush. I wanted to buy a scan, then I prefer to use
an old character I did, and adapt it. I still have to do the tubes and mask :)


Jul. 7, 2013

TShirts - Warframe Fan Art

Hello there!
I just bought a Screen silk printer for shirt and I decide to make a shirt about the game i'm working on.
It's a longer process that I was expecting :S but it was fun !!!


Jun. 27, 2013

"Crashed" Scene - Cryo escape chamber.

Hello There!
Here the cryo escape chamber, that I put quickly in Marmoset toolbag for a quick render.
For the textures I used Photoshop and the bakes that I get from the Highpoly I did in zbrush.
I use Bodypaint to delete all the seams and did some scratches where the seams was, pretty useful tool.


May 26, 2013

"Crashed" Scene - Wip screenshot in udk and paint over.


There some screenshots of the wip, in udk.
And a paint over that I did to see which direction I wanted to take and if it work. And to see how I could improve what I already had.


May 25, 2013

"Crashed" Scene - Ideas, concepts, moodboard and a start of modeling

Here some references research and some concepts done for my new scene.
I start modeling the cryo stasis chamber in zbrush.

My goal will be to create an open environment with interesting weather effect and ambiance, something different that my previous scene who was blue sky.
I want to create a 3d model for the mountain for this time. Something I wanted too, was to mix natural and high tech objects.

The story that I want to communicate is simple. An alien spaceship crash in a land who's like scotland. And aliens escape via a cryo escape chamber. We can see the spaceship in fire and more cryo escape chamber falling down from the sky.

More news soon :)

Any questions let me know.

Apr. 29, 2013

Hard Surface Training in Zbrush

Here some studies I did to practice Hard surface in zbrush!
So much work for that, lol, and it have 57 million polys!!!
But I learn a lot, that was the point ;)


Jan. 27, 2013

Halo 4 - Crimson map pack DLC Now in Store!!!

I worked on Halo 4 - Crimson map pack DLC! I work as an environment artist at Digital Extremes. I essentially model and uv forerunner buildings and props reusing tileables textures.



ESPN Sports Connection (WiiU) In Store NOW!!!

I worked on I worked on ESPN Sports Connection (WiiU) in Longtail Studio. I model and texture a lots of trees and shrubs, I made some sculptures, and I help with set dressing.