Jul. 21, 2013

Crashed Scene - Updates

Hello there,

Here some updates.

This is the ship that I will put on the background.
It's based on the UNSC Spirit of Fire ship from Halo :

The green is the grass, the Blue is some dirt tint (brownish), the black is a kind of smooth rock and the red its a broken rock. I didn't use a unique Rock texture but prefer Tileable and Vertex paint, then with 4 differents rock mesh I could duplicate them and they look different.

And the new version of the cryo chamber.
Screenshot from UDK.

Here the Character I will put in the Cryostasis.
This is the Highpoly from Zbrush. I wanted to buy a scan, then I prefer to use
an old character I did, and adapt it. I still have to do the tubes and mask :)


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