Apr. 12, 2010

Lester from "Another World" (realtime model)

Here you have my last work.
I realized this model in a workshop
with Jonathan Rush.
The renders are a capture
of the viewport of max (realtime),
I just add a noise in photoshop,
and I change a little the colors.
Thank you very much Jonathan! :D
see you!


  1. ca me rappelle le bon temps des jeux videos où il y avait un vrai scénario...
    ondirait un peu toi sans la moustache

  2. congratz man , you'got a nice model in there.
    I've done Jonathan Rush course too , but I'vnt finished the model.. unfortunately had no time.

  3. Thank you for the comments.
    Pedro, i finished the model 5 month after
    the end of the workshop :S
    With a job it's really dificult to make the
    workshop. keep working man ;)
    see youuuuuu